Fresh Air Duct Cleaning uses several different chimney sweep tools to complete our Dallas chimney services. The tools we use are state-of-the-art, allowing our sweeps to complete the job efficiently and with complete customer satisfaction. These tools can be found at your local hardware store, but we do not recommend you sweep your own chimney.

Professional and highly trained professionals should handle chimney sweeping. All of our Dallas chimney sweeps go through extensive training and must be internally certified to meet our expectations. Even after certification, they continue to educate themselves on the latest updates in the chimney cleaning industry.

When you call our Dallas chimney sweeps, you can expect them to use the following chimney sweep tools:

1. Chimney Sweep Brush

chimney sweep tools brush

The chimney sweep brush is the most common and trusted chimney sweep tool. Wire brushes were used by chimney sweeps in the first Industrial Revolution and are still used today. These brushes are perfect for masonry like brick or clay tile flues. Wire brushes are perfect for reaching small areas within the chimney and can remove creosote, soot, and ash from the chimney.

Wire brushes are not the only type of brush a chimney sweep may use. Other types of brushes include smoke chamber brushes, propylene brushes, and motorized sweeping brushes. Smoke chamber brushes are designed for the smoke chamber’s unique shape, where a wire brush is not as effective. Propylene brushes are for more delicate parts of the chimney, such as the liner. Finally, many sweeps have transitioned to the motorized sweeping brushes because of their efficiency and greater capabilities.

2. Industrial Vaccum

chimney sweep industrial vacuum

Where does all the soot, ash, and creosote go after its falls from your chimney? It is collected in your firebox and sucked out by an industrial vacuum. By using an industrial chimney sweep vacuum, our team can reduce the mess made in your home. We further reduce the chance of a mess by sealing off the fireplace with duct tape and plastic.

Afterward, we create a small insert for the vacuum nozzle and use it to suck out all of the grime that falls from your chimney. An industrial vacuum is certainly one of the best chimney swift tools for the job when it comes to reducing the impact and presence we have on your home.

3. Canvas Drop Cloth

canvas drop cloth

One of the other chimney sweep tools that helps reduce the mess in your home is a canvas drop cloth. We place a canvas drop cloth around the fireplace in case any soot or ash escapes during the cleaning process. Canvas is the perfect material for chimney sweeps because it soaks up stains and can be reused.

We only use canvas drop cloths and never plastic. This is due to the static electricity that can generate from the plastic. Plus, ash and soot can roll off the plastic with ease while canvas keeps it stationary.

4. Creosote Remover

creosote remover chimney sweep tools

Source: Rutland

Creosote is a chemical let off by wood when it burns. As it rises in your chimney, it meets cooler air and condenses. The condensed creosote then sticks to the chimney walls. Over time, creosote builds up and can hinder smoke from exiting your home. It is due to creosote that you should receive annual cleanings for your chimney.

In some cases, creosote is too thick to be removed by a brush. Creosote remover can assist with eliminating that hard, stuck-on creosote. As a result of the remover, the chimney will operate more efficiently.

5. Respirator or Mask


A respirator or mask is one of the essential chimney sweep tools we use because it protects our sweeps from breathing in toxic chemicals. Ash, soot, and creosote are deadly to breathe in, and our team wears the proper equipment during the entire process. Out of all the chimney sweep tools we use, the respirators are a must.

Just a Fraction of Chimney Sweep Tools

As we mentioned already, these five chimney sweep tools are only a small sample of what our sweeps will use for cleaning your chimney. If you have not had your chimney cleaned in some time, then you should consider giving Fresh Air Duct Cleaning a call today. You can learn more about our Dallas chimney sweep services on our services page. Our team can also offer a free over-the-phone estimate when you call (214) 272-9715. Let our chimney sweep tools maintain the quality and safety of your chimney.