To prevent creosote buildup, chimney cleaning or sweeping is a must. This process removes the buildup of this hazardous material to prevent chimney fires and harmful indoor air pollution. If you’re looking to save money with a DIY chimney cleaning, we recommend you don’t.

Chimney cleaning should be handled by a professional chimney sweep with the right education and experience. They are able to provide you with a comprehensive cleaning of your chimney system and identify any problems associated with the structure once complete. DIY chimney cleaning or sweeping poses many problems to you and your home.

We suggest you avoid DIY chimney cleaning for your safety and home’s health. If that isn’t enough for you, here is what you need to know!

Safety Risks

There are two primary areas of concern when it comes to safety for your chimney cleaning: hazardous materials and the roof.

Using a wood-burning fireplace collects soot, ash, and a material known as creosote. Creosote is a toxic chemical that is distilled from the oils of the wood you burn. As the oils escape through the smoke, they condense when meeting cooler air in the chimney. It then sticks to the sides of the chimney. The removal of this substance is the primary goal of any chimney cleaning.

Creosote should make you avoid DIY Chimney Cleaning

However, creosote is a harmful, toxic material. If not handled correctly, it can cause health problems. If you are adamant about a DIY chimney cleaning, you must wear professional-grade respirators. This will protect your lungs from this harmful material.

Another safety risk with a DIY chimney cleaning is the roof. You likely haven’t been on a roof a lot in your life. Those unskilled with being on a roof are more likely to hurt themselves. You must also be able to work while on the roof as chimney cleaning depends on it.

Costly Equipment

The equipment needed for DIY chimney cleaning or a professional chimney cleaning is not cheap. You can find a variety of affordable chimney cleaning kits online and at local hardware stores, but they aren’t enough.

Only professional-grade equipment should be used for chimney cleaning. The tools you get from Amazon or the local hardware store will be unable to perform the job you need them to. The equipment you need will cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. That is why hiring a professional chimney sweeping service will help you save on costs.

Chimney Sweeping Brush

Identifying Areas of Concern

A DIY chimney cleaning is unable to identify areas of concern within your chimney. When performed by a professional, a chimney cleaning is a great way for them to inspect and observe the many parts of your chimney. Annual inspections are an essential part of maintaining your chimney’s operation, health, and safety. Even if you don’t use it every year, you should still have it inspected annually.

When performing your DIY chimney cleaning, you won’t have the working knowledge or experience to identify problems associated with the chimney. You may overlook a serious problem that can pose a safety risk to your home later down the road. That is why a professional chimney cleaning is the best option for your home’s safety and health.

Damaged Brick and Mortar

Avoid DIY Chimney Cleaning and Call a Professional

All the reasons above should make you hire a professional rather than perform a DIY chimney cleaning. It can be extremely costly, put your safety and health at risk, and lead to needed repairs being neglected. Give Fresh Air Duct Cleaning a call for a professional chimney cleaning service. We offer a wide range of chimney sweeping services for Dallas residents.

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