Spring is on the horizon, and for most people, this is a time of fun and enjoying the outdoors. What is there not to love about spring? There are more hours in a day, you get to hear the birds chirp in the morning, and there are flowers galore.

But, there may be one thing that can be annoying when this time arrives. Spring allergies can be a significant issue for those sensitive to pollen, which especially worsens during this season. This is why we want to teach you how to control spring allergies so you can enjoy the season like everyone else.

How To Control Spring Allergies

A substance that affects the immune system and makes your body fight it off is likely an allergen. This allergen can be in the form of pollen which will cause many problems including coughing, congestion, fatigue, runny nose, and much more. If you want to avoid these symptoms, learn how to control spring allergies with the following tips:

Keep Windows Closed

As you may know, pollen is released by trees and plants. This pollen can be whisked away in the wind and brought right into your home if you tend to leave your windows open. You will easily inhale this pollen and your allergies will flare up in no time. We all know how enjoyable that spring breeze can be, but it will be best to keep your windows closed to prevent your allergies from ruining your day.

Change Air Filter

Your allergies can get triggered by dust, pollen, and other small particles floating around in your home. Your home’s indoor air quality depends on the air filter to filter out any harmful particles. However, your air filter may not be doing its job if you neglect to change it every six months. If you have pets, you should change the air filter every three months. Once you do that, you will notice how much cleaner the air has become.

Shower Before Bed

If you take your shower first thing in the morning, you should probably change your routine a bit. Showering before going to bed is the best way for those with allergies to steer clear of pollen. You may not have realized this, but pollen and other particles can collect on your clothes and hair. They could transfer to your bed, which is the last place you want pollen to be. You’ll sneeze all day long, practically from the time you wake up until you go to sleep.

Vacuum Your Home

If you want to rid your home of any allergens, one great way to accomplish this is with a vacuum cleaner. Many people only vacuum when it is absolutely necessary, but this should be a frequent ordeal. Dander will always be present if you don’t do something about it, especially if you have any pets. But using a vacuum cleaner on a regular basis will keep your floors clean, and help your breathing.

Clean Air Ducts

Finally, one of the most important tips for you to consider is to clean your air ducts. The air ducts are pivotal to your home’s indoor air quality. This will reduce allergens, remove any odors, and improve your home’s airflow. However, if this happens to be dirty, it will only worsen your allergies. You could be breathing in mold, bacteria, and allergens. This is why cleaning your air ducts is crucial.

How To Control Spring Allergies

Call Fresh Air Duct Cleaning

All in all, learning how to control spring allergies will be very beneficial. You can even tell a friend about some of these tips to spread the wealth. But be sure to steer them toward Fresh Air Duct Cleaning. We are the best team around to clean your air ducts. We also provide many other services to ensure your home’s air quality is at its best. Call us today to get the help you need.