While it’s only August, winter will be here before you know it. That means you’ll be making the switch from the AC to the furnace before long. To make sure your HVAC system operates the way it should during the winter, you must implement a handful of maintenance steps.

To maintain AC ducts, you’ll also need a professional HVAC expert. The Fresh Air Duct Cleaning team can assist you in making sure your air ducts are in the condition they should be, along with other parts of your HVAC system. Here is how to maintain AC ducts during the winter:

Check Air Filters

The one maintenance tip and reminder you should have all year are to check your air filters. You should replace your air filters every 90 days or three months. They help catch dirt and debris within your air duct system.

Failing to replace your air filters will cause reduced airflow, increased indoor air pollution, and higher utility bills. For those reasons, make sure your air filters are switched out regularly.

Schedule a Furnace Inspection

The best method to maintain your AC ducts and HVAC system as a whole is to have an expert perform an inspection. By hiring a professional for an inspection, they can ensure your system is ready for the winter months and will work the first day you turn it on.

Along with an extensive furnace inspection, they should look over the entirety of your HVAC system. This includes air ducts, vents, thermostats, filters, and more. A comprehensive inspection is the best way to catch any potential problems before winter gets here.

The last thing you want is for your furnace to not turn on the first day you use it. It will lead to greater repair costs and may take longer because it’ll be the busy season.

Furnace Inspection to Maintain AC Ducts and HVAC System

Protect Your AC Unit

Do you have an outdoor AC unit? Cover it up during the winter months. Doing so will help protect it from the elements and any pests who may want to turn it into a home. You can purchase a cover at your local hardware store, order one online, or use a large tarp.

A protective covering helps prevent harmful airflow, debris, and elements from affecting your AC unit. That way, it’ll be in perfect condition when the winter months begin to end.

Get Air Duct Cleaning

Another way to maintain AC ducts is to seek air duct cleaning from a professional. Air duct cleaning is an essential task you should have done on a regular basis. It helps prevent debris from building up in your HVAC system. Too much of this debris and can lead to your system working harder than usual.

Your comfort will decrease while your utility bill increases. Make sure your air ducts are helping your furnace operate as efficiently as possible rather than work against it. Too many homeowners let their air ducts build with contaminants. Get it cleaned every few years to reduce indoor air pollution and increase the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Call to Maintain AC Ducts

If you require a professional to maintain AC ducts in your home, give us a call today! Fresh Air Duct Cleaning is a highly professional and experienced air quality control company with years of experience. We’ll help you maintain your furnace, vents, filters, and every other part of your HVAC system.

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