Fireplaces are a wonderful addition to homes. They provide unbeatable warmth during the colder months, lend a certain ambiance to a room, and can even be used as an interior decorating piece. Fireplaces are both beautiful and functional, and they come with many benefits. That being said, fireplaces can also pose a hazard if you do not care for them properly. Specifically, you need to maintain your chimney. That’s why we are here to talk about the importance of chimney maintenance. We’ll also share five chimney maintenance tips! Keep reading to learn more. 

The Importance of Chimney Maintenance 

Many people think chimney maintenance isn’t a big deal. Those are the people who experience terrible tragedies, such as house fires and injuries. If you do not clean and maintain your chimney properly, you might lose your home to roaring flames. Fire can not only destroy your property, but it can also damage your health as well if you inhale smoke or sustain burns. Fireplaces may be a wonderful resource, but they are also a huge responsibility. Homeowners need to take this responsibility seriously. 

Chimney Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

Now that you know why caring for your chimney is important, it’s time you learned how to look after this part of your home. Here are five chimney maintenance tips:

1. Get Professional Inspections Annually

You can work hard to maintain your chimney’s safety, but you aren’t an expert. You might miss potential safety hazards if you rely on your eyes alone. Thus, it’s important to invite a professional to your home every year to go over your chimney and make sure everything is functioning properly. You’ll also want to ask for a cleaning when the inspector comes, as this is another service that should be performed annually. 

2. Make Sure Your Damper Is Working

Dampers are one of the most important parts of chimneys. When your fireplace is in use, your damper should be open to let out smoke and carbon monoxide. When your fireplace is not in use, the damper must be closed to prevent drafts from getting into your home. If your damper isn’t working properly, you may inhale smoke and toxic gases or see an increase in your utility bill. Check this part of your chimney often to make sure it opens and closes the way it should. 

A professionals helps with chimney maintenance

3. Ensure Your Chimney is Waterproof 

Most of your chimney is outside of your home. That means it is exposed to the elements every day, including water. Your chimney’s cover and flashing need to be kept in good condition to prevent moisture from entering your home and causing water damage. If your inspector points out any problems with your chimney’s waterproofing features, it’s crucial that you get them fixed right away. 

4. Consider Converting Your Wood Fireplace to Gas

Wood-burning fireplaces are wonderful. However, they do produce more soot and harmful smoke than gas ones. Gas fireplaces are safer and more efficient, and they require less maintenance. Naturally, you won’t get quite the same aesthetic from a gas fireplace as a wood-burning one, but you will receive many other benefits to make up for that. 

5. Keep an Eye (and an Ear) Our For Chimney Pests

Water isn’t the only thing that may sneak into your chimney. Animals can also make their way into your chimney. Among common pests are birds, bats, raccoons, and squirrels. When you notice signs of animal infestation such as scratching and squeaking noises and unusual debris, you’ll need to call a professional for assistance. 

A Word to DIYers

These maintenance tips may have given you the idea that you can care for your chimney yourself. You might be tempted to skip professional inspections and cleanings, opting to perform these services yourself. We strongly recommend you do not attempt any DIY solutions. If you do, you may cause more harm than good. Always call a professional for assistance with your chimney! 

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