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Attic insulation services plays a critical role in keeping your home cooled and heated appropriately. Conduction and convection are two important terms you need to know to understand how insulation works. Conduction is how heat moves through materials, while convection is how heat circulates through the air.

Insulation works by reducing the conductive flow of the heat and minimizing convection. The insulation in your attic, exterior walls, garage, basement, and other areas of your home keep the desired air from escaping and unwanted air out. At the core, attic insulation services helps you save money on your energy bills.


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How Long Does Attic Insulation Last?

Your attic insulation’s lifespan varies on many different factors, but most last up to 80 years. Other types of insulation can last up to 100 years. Of course, this is all dependent on the effects time has on your insulation. For example, water can increase the rate of degradation in insulation. The presence of moisture allows mold spores to thrive. Mold and mildew not only reduce the effectiveness of insulation but reduces indoor air quality.


Types of Attic Insulation Services

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The type of insulation you have in your home will be dependent on the lifespan. All types of insulation have their advantages and disadvantages. Fiberglass, spray foam insulation, and cellulose insulation are the most common options.

Fiberglass Insulation: As the most common type of attic insulation, fiberglass is inexpensive and is easily installed for attics. Installed correctly, fiberglass insulation will last homeowners for years to come. It is best suited for humid environments.

Spray Foam Insulation: Better at sealing in air and preventing water exposure, spray foam insulation is more expensive than fiberglass. Since it helps prevent water exposure to your home, it fights against mold growth too.

Cellulose Insulation: Manufactured from recycled paper, cellulose insulation is the greenest option for insulation options. It is best used for floorboards or closed spaces like walls or attics. More importantly, cellulose insulation is fire retardant.

Determining the right type of attic insulation services for your home can be difficult. Contact Fresh Air Duct Cleaning to learn more about the types of insulation we offer. The Dallas Attic Insulation professionals can discuss details and determine what type of insulation works best for your home.


Signs You Need New Attic Insulation

The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) estimates that 90% of U.S. homes are under-insulated. There are signs you can watch for when determining if your home is adequately insulated. The most obvious is a high energy bill. A number of reasons can cause a high energy bill, but insulation is a common cause.

Other signs of poor attic insulation include:

  • fluctuating temperatures
  • cold or hot rooms
  • drafts
  • rodents and insects present in the attic
  • roof leaks
If any of these issues are present in your attic or home, then contact Fresh Air Duct Cleaning for attic insulation services. We’ll replace your old attic insulation and replace it. We want to assist you in saving money on your energy bill. Give us a call today for an estimate or have us inspect your current attic insulation. Our Dallas Attic insulation professionals can determine if new insulation is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to insulate an attic?

It takes one to two days to insulate an attic entirely. The type of attic insulation you choose will impact the length of the process. 

Can you insulate your attic yourself?

You can insulate your attic on your own, but we recommend against this. It’s best to have a professional insulate your attic as they know what problems to look out for and have all the necessary equipment for the job. You can also make sure your attic is properly insulated without second-guessing yourself. Give our team a call to learn more from our team. 

What is the R-value for attic insulation?

The R-value is the measure of how well the insulation reduces heat flow. Every region of the United States has a recommended R-value. Our team will ensure your home has the right R-value in your attic insulation. 

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