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Texas is well acquainted with the humid summers. Many summers reach triple digits with humidity making those temperatures feel worse. Residents look to their home as a place to escape the blazing heat. Cranking up the air conditioning is what many of us do to relax. For some, reaching comfortable temperatures may be more difficult than others. In that case, an air duct repair is in order.

One of the most common signs, which we have already alluded to, is the time it takes to cool your home. If you have damaged or missing air ducts, then your AC is going to run longer. Eventually, you’ll be paying more for your utility bill. A higher energy bill is also a sign you need an air duct repair.

Another sign you should check is the amount of airflow coming from the vent. When a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit turns on, you should be able to feel the air. In the case you don’t, there is most likely something blocking the airflow, or there is damage to the ductwork. Additionally, repairing your air ducts improves the quality of your indoor air quality which will help meet standards set by the National Aire Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA). This is the most important quality of your air ducts and should not be overlooked.


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Reasons for an Air Duct Repair – Top Duct Repair Services

HVAC systems are not simple machines. They have a lot of components associated with their process, which allows plenty of room for problems to arise. The air ducts are an area in which problems often occur. Fresh Air Duct Cleaning can perform top duct repair services once we pin down the problem.

Air Duct Leak

An air duct leak occurs when the duct has a hole, puncture, crack, tear, or some other kind of damage. A leak can originate from a variety of sources. The original contractors may not have installed the ductwork properly, or rodents may have chewed through the material. Regardless, you are losing air to the leak, which raises your energy bill.

Wrong Size

When building a house, contractors should perform a Manual D calculation, which determines your ductwork’s layout and size. Neglecting this procedure or performing the calculation wrong can result in the wrong size ductwork. Larger or smaller ducts result in more stress on your HVAC system. The stress can create leaks within your air ducts, causing you more money in the process.

Poor Insulation

Insulation is essential for ducts to carry air throughout the building and maintain the desired temperature. Without insulation, leaks become a serious issue. Additionally, you’ll experience air at a different temperature than you expected.


Nothing lasts forever, and air ducts are certainly a testament. Older materials are known to dry out and crack. Leaks, tears, and other damage are more prone to occur from the age of your ductwork.


Air filters getting dirty faster than they should is something you should keep in mind too. HVAC filters should be replaced every 90 days. If you are replacing your HVAC filters more often than the allotted time, then something is getting into your ductwork. To be sure of damaged ductwork, you may examine it yourself. A basement, attic, or crawl space allows you to examine the ducts for any potential damage. Of course, you can also have our team perform the inspection.

Air Duct Repair Services

Fresh Air Duct Cleaning is capable of repairing your air ducts. We have the resources, experience, and knowledge to complete the job from small leaks to complete duct replacements. Our team can perform top air duct repair services for those who receive an air duct cleaning service. If we find any kind of damage during the process, our team can perform an air duct repair before moving forward. Contact us today for more information on our air duct repair process or our air duct cleaning services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do air duct repairs cost?

The cost of air duct repairs depends on the types of repairs. Sealing a leak is cheaper compared to replacing an entire segment of ductwork. To get an estimate for your air duct repairs, give our team a call. 

How long will air duct repairs take?

We can complete a majority of air duct repairs in a day, with some complex repairs taking longer. Once we know more about the repairs you need, our team can provide you with an accurate timeframe. 

Can I repair my own air ducts?

Yes, some air duct repairs you can do on your own. Leaks are common and can be repaired with a few simple tools. Other types of repairs such as insulation or sizes require a professional.

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