Owning a dryer is not a luxury anymore. It’s a necessity that every household cannot function without. Without it, life can become relatively complicated. Therefore, dryer maintenance is critical to keeping the machine in great shape. Dryer vent cleaning is part of this maintenance, and homeowners need to pay attention to it.

Keeping the dryer vent clean is a way to ensure mechanical perfection. If people do not clean the vent adequately, the dryer can slowly start showing signs of damage or repair needs. In case you are wondering what they are, read on to find out!

Reasons to Hire a Professional for Dryer Vent Cleaning

The signs of damage or repair requirements are usually the reason for dryer vent cleaning. Here are the top reasons to hire a professional for the job!

1. Low-Quality Drying

When the dryer vent is dirty, it impacts the drying experience. No matter how much you try to keep the lint trap clean, it will mix up with the clothes when the dryer is running. The dirty dryer vent accumulates lint, making the clothes look unwashed even after completing the cycle.

2. Takes Longer to Dry Clothes

When a homeowner has not conducted a thorough dryer vent cleaning process, the machine can take longer to dry clothes. If you notice the drying time increasing gradually, check the dryer vent and call for professional service providers to clean the vent for you.

3. Impacts on Utility Bills

High Utility Gas Bill from a lack of Dryer Vent Cleaning

A dryer with a dirty vent would take longer to dry clothes, meaning it will be running for twice the amount it usually does. It negatively impacts the utility bills. You would have no choice but to pay them if you do not know the reason for the higher cost. A rule of thumb is to check all electronic devices and their performance degradation to see why the utility bills have spiked.

4. Invitation for Infestation

A dirty dryer vent calls out to all the rodents and insects in the area. It attracts unwanted attention, making your home a new place of infestation. The residue inside and around the pipe is an ideal location for these creepy insects and rodents. If you find some of them playing hide-and-seek around your dryer vent, know that it’s time to call a professional cleaner!

5. Odor From the Dryer

When the vent is clogged, the lack of airflow will create a foul odor. Once you open the dryer, you’ll notice the persistent scent, making you take a look at the dryer vent. In case you haven’t hired a professional before, you may not know that a bird can nest in a dirty dryer line!

Hire a Professional to Decrease Future Maintenance Cost!

Besides the many signs that show you need dryer vent cleaning, the main reason to do it is to keep the dryer in its best shape! If you do not need to spend money every few months on dryer maintenance, you can save that money and invest it in a different project. Moreover, the dryer vent cleaning service will ensure that your clothes are washed without delays.

Contact Us Now to Hire Professional Dryer Vent Cleaners!

Fresh Air Duct Cleaning provides a dryer vent cleaning service to residents facing challenges with their dryer. You want to avoid the lint and dust buildup in your dryer vent to keep it from increasing your utility bills and making your clothes smell unpleasant!

Our professionals will arrive at your location for a dryer vent cleanup. They have been trained to use special equipment that allows the vent to eliminate all the dirt that has built up inside it over time. Give us a call to hire the best people for the job.