HVAC systems are no longer considered a luxury because they rank among the basic comforts in our homes. However, with 24/7 usage, the HVAC system of your house often faces various problems and eventually breaks down. Preventative HVAC maintenance can ensure that your HVAC system works all the time effectively. Here are some HVAC maintenance tips shared by our experts to ensure the proper functioning of your system.

1. Clean the Heat Pumps and Condenser

The air conditioners and heat pumps outdoors can get dirty very easily, putting a strain on your HVAC system and making it work harder. Clean the heat pumps and condensers to ensure that the internal parts of your HVAC system do not get damaged or broken down. Make sure that no debris or dirt is there on your AC pumps and units. Grab your garden hose to scrape off dirt from the fins.

2. Schedule Annual Inspections by Professionals

A regular check-up from an HVAC technician will ensure that your system is functioning at its optimum level. An HVAC inspection by an expert comprises various steps. They ensure the proper functioning of fans, clean the coils, check air filters, identify leaks, and clean the drain lines for better performance.

Make sure you get your system inspected every year to maintain its functionality. An inspector also cleans your HVAC, which prevents high utility bills.

3. Check Your Air Filter

The most common reason why people call HVAC experts is that their air filter is dirty, causing your air conditioner to not work properly. The best way to steer clear of this problem is to change your air filter every now and then. Doing so would ensure 100% functionality of your AC and also reduce your energy bills. Moreover, you won’t even need to call a repairman and pay them hundreds of dollars.

6 HVAC Maintenance Tips

Make sure to check your filter every month so that it is not dirty or clogged. Clean or change it if it’s too dirty. You can also wash it to get rid of dirt. Choose anti-allergy air filters if your family has allergies.

4. Keep the Outdoor Unit Unblocked

Your outdoor unit is always exposed to weather and other environmental factors that damage it over time. Adding to that, the trees and any vegetation you have in your outdoors can often cover your outdoor unit, affecting the inflow and outflow of air from the unit. The branches of your trees can also get inside the unit and damage the fan.

Make sure your outdoor unit is clear of any blockages. Monitor the area and check for any leaves or branches. If you find any going into your outdoor unit, get them trimmed.

5. Clean Your Drain Lines

The job of an air conditioner is to cool your room as well as keep away the moisture. It gets rid of the moisture from your air, which accumulates in your drain lines and is pushed outside. After months of use, dust and dirt can build up in your drain lines and clog them. You can even have algae and mold problems in your drain lines.

Therefore, to prevent this, make sure to regularly clean the drain line. Remove the AC’s outer cover and clean the line using a damp cloth. Make sure the drain line is dry after you have cleaned it to prevent mold growth.

6. Call an Air Duct Cleaner Near You

Last but not least, another way to maintain your HVAC system is to clean out your air ducts. Call Fresh Air Duct Cleaning at (214) 272-9715 to get your ducts and vents cleaned and ensure healthy air quality at home.