Air ducts are one of those things many homeowners don’t think about often. After all, you don’t get the chance to see them unless you have to pop into your attic for something like a box of Christmas decorations or Halloween inflatables. Even then, you likely just give your air ducts a cursory glance without wondering if they are in working order. Likely you, like most homeowners, take your air ducts for granted. They’ve always worked, and you expect them to continue to do so. 

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Air ducts need regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent repair needs. If you haven’t invested in professional services, you’re likely in for an unpleasant surprise when your air ducts stop functioning as they should. Here are six signs you need air duct repair

1. High Energy Bills

Have you noticed lately that your energy bills have skyrocketed? There are a few reasons that could be the culprit behind the sudden rise in price. Perhaps you have changed your habits. You might be using your electronic devices more. Or maybe you’ve been using more hot water than usual without realizing it. But if it’s not either of these problems, the issue likely lay with your HVAC system. If you’ve ruled out all other issues, then you should contact a professional for air duct repair. 

2. Dust and Dirt Buildup 

Dust and dirt are inevitable. No matter how much you clean, there will always be trace amounts of these substances. That being said, there is normal dust and dirt buildup, and there is excessive dust and dirt buildup. If there is an abnormal buildup all over your air vents that continues popping up even after a thorough cleaning, your filtration system is failing. It’s time for air duct repair. 

3. Strange or Unpleasant Noises 

Air ducts are naturally a little bit noisy. You’ll hear some quiet rattling sometimes or even popping noises when your HVAC system turns on. But shrieking metallic sounds that hurt your ears are not normal. If you’re staying up all night because of the horrifying sounds emanating from your HVAC system, it’s important to take action quickly. Air duct repairs can’t wait once you get to this point. 

A dusty vent that signals the need for air duct repair

4. Pest Infestations 

Pest infestations are a problem for many reasons. They are a hazard to both your health and your HVAC system. Unfortunately, rats and mice sometimes find their way into your air ducts, where they breed and create dander. If you’re noticing scratching and squeaking noises and bad smells coming through your air vents, you’ll need to contact two professionals. First, hire an exterminator to get rid of the pests. Next, call a professional air duct repair technician to seal up your HVAC system against future unwanted inhabitants. 

5. Uneven Temperature Distribution 

HVAC systems should distribute warmth or cool air evenly throughout your home. There should not be random patches of cold or hot air anywhere. There should also not be some rooms that are at a comfortable temperature while others are icy or blazing. If you’re noticing these issues around the house, contact a professional right away for air duct repairs. 

6. Odd Smells Or Detectable Mold 

Noticing foul odors around your home? You may have mold growing in your air ducts. If you take a quick glance inside of your vents, you may see visible patches of this hazardous substance. Mold can cause serious respiratory problems over time, so you should treat any detection of this fungus as an emergency. A professional can clean your air ducts and clear them of any hazardous substances. 

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