Air duct cleaning could be the last thing on your mind when you have other household problems to attend to. However, ignoring the air quality of your home can lead to major health-related issues. Unclean air ducts can become a problem if you have been using your furnace and air conditioner for years without any maintenance.

The ducts collect debris, pollen, dust, and other particles that cause respiratory problems over time. A cough here and there can go unnoticed, but we are sure you aren’t willing to put your family in danger of permanent respiratory issues. Fresh Air Duct Cleaning shares seven ways in which unclean air ducts impact your health.

Ways Unclean Air Ducts Impact Your Health

Listed below are some ways in which air ducts can become a problem for your family’s health:

Deteriorates Pre-Existing Conditions

If you have people at your home with asthma or pollen allergies, you may notice their condition worsening if there are unclean air ducts inside the house. The air ducts keep the dirty particles like pollen and dust trapped inside, triggering longer and more frequent attacks. Once the living condition is improved with good air quality, you can notice the change in your family member’s conditions.

Aids in Developing Respiratory Diseases

The occasional seasonal flu is not a cause of concern, but what if you notice yourself or a family member getting sick more often than usual? If there are symptoms like a low-grade fever, congestion, headache, etc., this could be the effects of an upper respiratory infection. Dirty air ducts can cause these issues for many people despite a good immune system. It can also lead to lower respiratory infections if the uncleaned air ducts remain untouched.

Sneezing from Poor Indoor Air Quality

Creates Stress for the Household

A dirty air duct does not have enough room to clean the indoor air. It means that the air inside the house keeps recirculating, causing silt to form. Cleaning the air ducts after that happens is a major headache, something that you can avoid by getting the air ducts cleaned regularly.

Makes You Feel Unwell

When the air quality is below the optimal levels, your body keeps fighting off bacteria in the air particles. It impacts the immune systems in more ways than one, making you feel tired unwell, and leading to respiratory problems. On the other hand, if the unclean air ducts are treated for best air circulation, you can notice yourself not feeling tired all the time.

Causes Itchy and Dry Skin

Dirty air ducts have mold and mildew growths that make the air unhealthy for your respiratory system and skin. If your family members are not showing any signs of respiratory problems, that’s a good thing. But you should also check for increased itching and skin issues like rashes, hives, eczema, etc.

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Modern architecture has made our homes tighter with less space for air ducts. As they become smaller, air pollutants get a higher chance to block the ventilation system and trap indoor air. Unclean air ducts provide unhealthy air quality for you and your family. Since most of your time is spent inside the house, the ventilation system needs to improve.

Poor indoor quality of air is among the top reasons for environmental health risks, which you can avoid by hiring the best professionals from Fresh Air Duct Cleaning. You can avoid the diseases and infections mentioned above by hiring an air duct cleaning crew for a professional and reliable service. Call us at (214) 272-9715 to hire us to clean the air ducts and make your home safer to breathe.