Fiberglass and spray foam insulation are some of the most common types of insulation available to homeowners. Both options provide adequate protection from the fluctuating temperatures outside. When choosing, you really can’t go wrong with either option. However, there are more advantages to spray foam insulation. Fiberglass is the most used type of insulation, but spray foam provides a protection level that cannot be matched.

Spray foam insulation is a sprayable polyurethane foam (SPF) that expands 100 times larger than its original size. Once it is sprayed onto a surface, the foam begins to expand, adhering to the structure. The foam fills in cracks, holes, and gaps within the structure as it expands. Compared to fiberglass, spray foam insulation beats it in almost every other trait.


The R-value stands for the resistance the material has against airflow. Basically, the higher the R-value is, the better the material insulates. Fiberglass insulation R-values sit at around 2.2 per inch while closed-cell spray foam is 6.5 per inch. This is a significant difference in R-values. You’ll maintain the temperature of your home longer and more efficiently with spray foam insulation.

It is also important to mention spray-in fiberglass loses its R-value over time. Spray-in fiberglass has a serious issue of settling. Settling will create gaps in the insulation, and you lose even protection from the outside temperatures. Spray foam insulation doesn’t have this issue because it is attached directly to the structure and stops airflow in its tracks.

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Water Resistance

Attics are prone to gathering water from a small leak in the roof. Unless you check your attic regularly, you may not be aware of a leak. The first material affected by a leak in the attic is the insulation. Depending on the type of insulation you have, it could resist the water or completely reject it. Fiberglass insulation is water-resistant.

Water-resistance doesn’t mean waterproof. Fiberglass resists water and subsequently mold and mildew growth. Extreme water exposure from a serious leak can reduce the effectiveness of your insulation. Mold and mildew can also take root once the insulation has collected moisture.

Choosing the right spray foam insulation can provide a waterproof seal from any leak. High-density closed-cell spray foam insulation creates a waterproof barrier from leaks and moisture from within the home.

Pest Control

The attic is the perfect environment for insects and rodents. Fiberglass makes that environment even greater for these species because it can be used for nesting. Rats, raccoons, squirrels, and other capable rodents would be happy to turn your spray-in fiberglass insulation into a comfortable bed.

Spray foam insulation provides zero sources of comfort or food for insects and rodents. The material is difficult to tear away from the wall by animals, so they’ll be less likely to affect your attic insulation. Moreover, your home’s indoor air quality will stay healthy without additional rodents entering your home.

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Air Quality

Here at Fresh Air Duct Cleaning, we believe in maintaining indoor air quality as much as possible. Spray foam insulation doesn’t decrease indoor air quality by releasing fibers and dust into the air. Instead, it reduces the amount of dust, dirt, and other air pollutants in the air.

On the other hand, fiberglass can release fibers into the air during installation and during its time in your home. These fibers can irritate allergies and existing respiratory conditions. Keep your indoor air quality clean and absent of air pollutants.

Choose Spray Foam Insulation for Your Attic

Fresh Air Duct Cleaning offers a wide range of services to maintain your indoor air quality. We can install spray foam insulation for your home. If you are still considering types of insulation, then let our team help you make a decision. We truly believe spray foam is the best option when it comes to attic insulation. It lasts longer, insulates better, and maintains your indoor air quality. Contact our team today for more details.