Will duct cleaning improve airflow? Yes! Air duct cleaning is one of the best ways to improve the airflow of your HVAC system. Both your furnace and AC will benefit from cleaner, less obtrusive ductwork. There is no specific rule to follow when it comes to cleaning your air ducts. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommends you clean them when necessary.

You should have them cleaned for many reasons, but a major benefit is increased airflow. As debris builds up in your ductwork system, the air has a difficult time moving through it efficiently. There are three areas in which your airflow could be restricted: the vents, the ducts, and the filters.

What is Causing Your Airflow Restrictions?

Your ductwork system is capable of restricting airflow when debris builds up inside. Dust, dirt, dander, and a lot of other things can create blockages within your ducts. These contaminants are collected inside the ducts, on the surface of vents, and in filters. As there is more buildup, airflow lessens.

As a result, the amount of power your HVAC is consuming is much more than it should be. You can expect increased costs and less comfort as it will take more time and effort to cool or heat your home properly. For this reason, we highly recommend you get your air ducts cleaned for increased airflow and lower utility bills.

Dusty Air Vents - Will Duct Cleaning Improve Airflow?

Will Duct Cleaning Improve Airflow?

Yes! If your airflow is restricted, it’s likely being caused in at least one of three areas of your HVAC system: the ducts, the vents, or the filters. We’ve gone into detail about each of these areas below:

1. Ducts

Restricted airflow due to the vents is caused by a buildup of dirt, dust, and other debris. Typically, your ducts have a smooth surface for air to easily move across. Debris of any kind disrupts that smooth movement, thus restricting airflow. The goal of air duct cleaning is to remove debris of all kinds from your ductwork and increase airflow.

Another issue that may cause a lack of airflow in your ducts is damage or leaks. A broken seal or puncture to the ductwork can cause lost air. Air duct cleaning can’t fix these issues, but an HVAC contractor can locate the leak or damage and repair it.

2. Vents

Other areas that may restrict airflow are your registers or vents. The plastic or metal grating will slowly build dirt and dust you can easily see. The more buildup there is, the worse the airflow will be. You can easily clean your registers and vents yourself using a brush or washcloth. However, a severe buildup of debris is a common sign your air ducts also need cleaning.

An air duct cleaning professional like the Fresh Air team can clean your air ducts, including the vents and registers. Comprehensive cleaning is the best way to increase airflow, but vent cleaning can be done at home with simple supplies.

3. Filters

Air Filter Being Replaced - Will Duct Cleaning Improve Airflow?

Most homes with typically HVAC systems have two filters. These filters should be changed every 90 days or three months. The filters catch dust, dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants as air pass through them. If you are having to change your air filters more often or they are dirtier than normal, it likely means your entire system needs cleaning.

However, airflow will be restricted if you don’t switch out your filters regularly. The severe buildup of debris decreases the speed and quantity of air passing through, so your HVAC system works more than it should. Make sure your filters are switched out every 90 days, or you seek the air duct cleaning you need.

Is your Airflow Restrictive?

Is your home’s airflow feeling restrictive? Contact Fresh Air Duct Cleaning for a comprehensive air duct cleaning. We’ll perform an HVA cleaning service and remove all the debris from your system. Our team uses state-of-the-art technology to collect and dispose of indoor air pollutants. Save money and breathe healthier with our services. Give us a call at (214) 272-9715, or visit our contact page to send us a message.