Dryer Vent Repair

Regular use, time, or renovations can cause the need for dryer vent repair services in Dallas. You must have the right technicians to perform the repair, or you may experience further issues with your dryer vent. Clogged dryer vents are the leading cause of dryer fires in the United States. Annual dryer vent cleanings help you maintain the safety of your home and the life of your dryer vent.


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Our Dryer Vent Repair Process

Determining the repairs needed for your dryer vent is one of our first priorities in our process. Once we know what the problem is, then our professional vent repair contractors will start getting to work fixing it. Our dryer vent repair process is relatively the same with each house, but some homes’ design may cause a variation.

Move the Dryer: We’ll start by moving your dryer away from the wall. Dryers aren’t light, so we will carefully maneuver it out of the way. Some dryer vent tubing is longer than others, but we’ll be sure to examine the dryer closely before moving it.

Inspect the Duct: Once the dryer is out of the way, we will inspect the duct. Using the proper tools and methods, our professional vent repair contractors can check for visible tears or leaks. In some cases, patching the damage is adequate, but the whole duct may need to be replaced in other cases. Every dryer vent repair is different from the last.

Perform Repairs: If we do find damage with your dryer vent duct, we’ll start the repair process. This part of the repairs varies depending on the damage you have. Replacing the duct will require us to remove the old one and install a brand new duct based on Manuel D calculations.

Tighten Seals: On each end of the duct are seals that need to be tightened after repairs are complete. We ensure to tighten these seals, so your dryer is as efficient as possible.

Test the Dryer: Before testing the dryer, we move it back to its original place. Then, we’ll ask you to rerun the dryer after your dryer vent repair services in Dallas are completed.

As you can see, our dryer vent repair process is efficient and aimed at pinpointing the issue as soon as possible. With this process, we can complete the job sooner rather than later. If you are ever in need of dryer vent repair services in Dallas, give Fresh Air Duct Cleaning a call.

Our Dryer Vent Repair Services

Fresh Air Duct Cleaning provides comprehensive dryer vent repair services in Dallas. Whether you need a dryer vent repair, cleaning, or installation, our certified technicians will perform the job flawlessly. When it comes to dryer vent repair services in Dallas, our professional vent repair contractors can perform a wide range of services:

  • replace dryer vent hoods
  • correct joint positions
  • reseal joints
  • remove and replace screws
  • patch leaks or breaks
  • replace dryer vent hangers

Your dryer vent could be experiencing an issue not related to the cleaning. Instead, a leak in the duct, an incorrect joint connection, an improper seal, or the wrong materials can create serious issues. You may ask yourself if you need a dryer vent repair. Well, there are a few signs that you can look for:

  • clothes are still wet after a 45-minute cycle
  • clothes are hot to the touch
  • dryer is hot to the touch
  • mildew or mold smell on clothing
  • debris or damage around the dryer vent

These symptoms could be due to needing a cleaning, but if you receive a cleaning every year, then dryer vent repair services in Dallas is the next best solution.

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