Summer involves many positives. Beautiful flowers burst into bloom, the air grows warm, the sun shines brighter, and ice cream trucks play cheerful jingles while driving down neighborhood streets. It’s hard to not like summer. Unfortunately, though, this season comes with a big downside: bugs. Whether they’re flyers, crawlers, or jumpers, they’re all creepy and crawly. And the worst part? They don’t always stay outside. They sometimes invite themselves into parts of your home, creating discomfort and occasionally inducing screams of terror. One of the most common ways bugs get into your home is through the A/C vents. Read on and discover how to prevent bugs from coming through your air conditioner vents. 

Types of Bugs Found in AC Vents

Bug life varies from place to place. While the bugs in your air vents will vary based on location, here are some common pests that can invade your HVAC system: 


No, there isn’t an aquatic animal swimming through the air in your vents. Silverfish are those horrifying, bristly, pre-historic-looking bugs you see munching on your books and cardboard. They love starchy items like paper, and they’ll feast on it whenever they can. The worst part? They can live up to eight years. You definitely don’t want an uninvited house guest for eight years, so it’s best to take care of these critters right away. 

Please note seeing a few silverfish here and there is not a big deal. You can follow our tips below to seal your HVAC system against them and get your peace of mind. But if you start seeing a lot of silverfish, you might have an infestation problem. In that case, an HVAC professional can only do so much. An exterminator is a better choice if you have an infestation. 


Well, you probably know what a fly is. They’re those flying, annoyingly loud creatures that like to land on your food, then puke on it. Flies are little packets of winged disease, so it’s important to keep these guys out of your home. 


Mosquitos are one of the worst pests. They’re small, making them hard to find and kill. They bite, creating horrible, itchy welts all over your exposed body. And worst of all, they transmit viruses. These are not a pest you want to mess around with. 


Many spiders are harmless, but who wants eight-legged terror crawling through their air vents? Not you, we assume. Keep in mind that you should always identify any spiders you find in their home to make sure they aren’t venomous. If you have a venomous spider problem, you definitely need an exterminator. However, an HVAC specialist can help seal up your system to prevent future problems if these guys are coming in through your air vents. 

Why Do Bugs Get in Air Vents? 

Bugs like dank, dark, moist areas. Your A/C unit may check these boxes, causing bugs to take up residence. Additionally, because HVAC temperature fluctuates between temperatures throughout the seasons, it causes tiny cracks and fractures around units that form inviting entryways for creepy crawlies. 

How to Prevent Bugs in AC Vents

A silverfish crawls on the ground, making a homeowner wonder how to prevent bugs from coming through your air conditioner - Bugs in AC Vents

If you’re not ready to call a professional, you can try to pest-proof your HVAC system yourself. Here are a few ways how to prevent bugs from coming through your air conditioner vents: 

Check Whether Areas Near Your A/C Unit Are Attracting Pests

Mosquitoes are drawn to swampy areas, and they prefer to lay their eggs in standing water. Any standing water is an attraction for mosquitos. Check around your A/C unit and make sure there are no boggy areas, excess condensation, or water puddles nearby. 

Carcasses are another attraction for pests. Flies love to feed on dead animals and lay eggs in them. You can search the area around your A/C unit for dead lizards, mice, and other small animals that may be causing an excess of flies near your home. 

Clean Your Central A/C Unit 

If your central A/C unit grows dirty and wet, it will inevitably lure creatures like those long-lived silverfish mentioned above. After disconnecting it, you can use a shop vacuum to clean the fins of your unit. Also, remove the fan and rinse the blades. Once everything is dry, reassemble your unit. It should now be clean and free of moisture, making it less likely to attract critters. 

Seal Up Your Ducts

Sealing cracks in your ductwork prevents bugs from making their way inside your home. Please note, however, that you should not use duct tape for this task! It may seem counterintuitive, but duct tape is not a safe or viable method for fixing your air ducts. Foil tape is a better choice, as it will not crack because of temperature fluctuations and is generally sturdier than duct tape. Water-based sealant is also an excellent choice for sealing ductwork. 

Place Screens on Air Vents 

Screens allow air to flow through your vents while preventing bugs from crawling through. You can buy simple screen material from your local hardware store, cut it to fit the dimensions of your vents, then use staples to attach it. You should use caulk around any exposed areas surrounding your vent screens. 

We Can Prevent Bugs From Coming Through Your Air Conditioning Vents! 

Fresh Air Duct Cleaning is happy to help maintain your HVAC system to keep it safe from pests. We’ll repair any vulnerabilities to your air vents and ensure you can enjoy your home during the summer without too many unwelcome visitors. Contact us today for assistance.