Can you use duct tape on dryer vents? After all, the name of duct tape does seem like you can use this widely available and applicable tape anywhere, especially your ducts. However, that actually isn’t the case. Duct tape is great for a lot of applications, such as patching a hole or tethering two objects together.

When it comes to sealing your dryer vent or attaching it to the wall, duct tape is not the best option. In fact, duct tape can cause serious issues further down. That is why Fresh Air Duct Cleaning doesn’t recommend duct tape for your dryer vents.

Can you use duct tape on dryer vents?

While many homeowners have duct tape lying around the house, we advised against using it on your dryer vents. You shouldn’t use duct tape for your air ducts either. Duct tape is unable to perform the job you want it to as long as other applications. Additionally, duct tape on dryer vents can pose a serious threat to the safety of your home.

The Problems With Duct Tape

There are many problems associated with the use of duct tape on your dryer vent or even air ducts. The first being the adhesive of the duct tape. Nothing lasts forever, and that certainly applies to duct tape. When used on dryer vents, the adhesive of the tape will dry out from the fluctuating temperatures.

Can You Use Duct Tape on Dryer Vents?

Eventually, the tape will dry and begin to fall off. This causes hot hair to billow out of the duct and poses a safety risk for your home. Furthermore, the tape can heat up enough to catch fire. When the tape is dried out, it turns to tinder which could easily start a house fire.

Another issue with using duct tape on your air ducts or dryer vents is the access you have to your ducts. Modern appliances and ducts are embedded into the walls, ceilings, and floors, making them difficult to reach. That said, you will have a harder time trying to reach the ductwork to seal a hole. It is best you have a professional company handle any air duct repairs necessary.

Finally, the greatest issue is with those with gas appliances. Clothes dryers powered by gas can produce carbon monoxide. This gas is colorless, odorless, and toxic. When the vent is carrying this harmful gas out of your home, it could potentially spill out into the home from rips, tears, or cracks in the ductwork. Duct tape is not the best way to seal these ducts because it isn’t built to last.

How do you seal a dryer vent?

Can You Use Duct Tape on Dryer Vents?

Instead of using duct tape for sealing your ducts, use foil tape. Foil tape is a metal tape with much higher durability. Not only will it resists heat and fire, but it’s also crack-resistant. This is an essential quality you need if you have gas appliances. You can find a variety of different foil tapes at your local hardware store.

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