Those of you who have been wondering if you need air duct repairs are probably battling two scenarios in your mind: Either you want to take preemptive measures to contain what could quickly turn into a chaotic situation, or you suspect a malfunction and want to know about your options for air duct repairs in Dallas.

Here are some telltale signs that you need air duct repairs.

Rising Power Bills

The first indication that you need to look for is rising power bills. It might be that you aren’t using more power-hungry appliances, but an increase in electricity bills is a sign that you need air duct repairs.

In Dallas, around 90% of the houses sold have air conditioning. Imagine how much power would go to waste if even half the units had damaged ducts!

Leaky ducts cannot heat or cool your house effectively. As a result, your HVAC system works harder, causing your power bill to rise.

Frequent Compressor Repairs

If you have repaired your compressor multiple times recently, you might want to look for air duct repairs in Dallas.

Leaky or blocked air ducts cause your HVAC to work harder to cool or heat your home, leading to extra load on the system that causes it to overheat. Heat causes mechanical components to wear out faster, so you need to make more frequent repairs.

Thermostat Lag

One of the most frustrating things is thermostat lag. You set your HVAC at a particular temperature, but it’s unable to attain it. This is yet another sign that you need air duct repairs. In Dallas, summers can be unforgiving, so any temperature lag is especially noticeable.

Often a leaky duct impacts your HVAC’s ability to maintain temperature effectively.

Air duct repairs in Dallas

Temperature Differences

Walk across your home and enter different rooms. The temperature in all rooms should be the same. You may need air duct repairs in Dallas if there is a variation in the temperature.

The reason why this happens is that your HVAC ducts may be damaged or clogged because of dust and other debris.

Allergic Reactions

A big indicator that you need air duct repairs is if you or someone else has an allergic reaction when they are at your home. There are a few reasons why this may happen, and none of them are good.

You have dusty or dirty vents in the first case, indicating that the filters aren’t working properly. Another possible explanation is that there might be a leak in your air duct, causing it to suck in the dust. This dust can choke up your HVAC’s machinery, causing it to overheat and break down.

In another situation, you may have a rodent or pest infestation in your air ducts that are triggering allergic reactions. Rodent, mold, and mildew in the air ducts can induce allergies and give off a foul smell.

Remember that mold can spread quickly and damage your home, so you should try addressing the problem early.

Strange Sounds

Any strange noises coming from your HVAC indicate that you need repairs. Any loud banging or screeching sounds are a warning sign, and ideally, you should call a professional to inspect your air ducts. Prolonging the inspection can cause more damage to your HVAC and ducts.

The Best Air Duct Repairs in Dallas

Choosing the right contractor for the job is essential if you want to get results. While you could try your luck with inexperienced individuals, you won’t get the results you seek.

If you’re looking for a contractor who provides the best air duct repairs in Dallas, Fresh Air Duct Cleaning is here to help. Our team is skilled and uses the right tools for the job. Call us at (214) 239-1767 for more details.