What would you do without an HVAC system? During the summer, you’d suffer blazing temperatures without the reprieve of cold air. As fall and winter rolled around, you would find yourself shivering 24/7. There’s no doubt about it. HVAC systems are an essential part of any home if those inside are to remain comfortable and happy. Unfortunately, though, no technology is perfect. Learn about five common HVAC problems to look out for. 

Air Conditioner Is Leaking 

Have you noticed puddles around your HVAC system, moldy smells, or wet patches on the walls? Those are all signs that your air conditioner is leaking. Several causes could be behind the leak. First, your drain pan could be damaged. When your air conditioning system gains condensation during the cooling process, it drips into a pan. If this pan is old or damaged, water will start pooling around the floor and getting where it doesn’t belong.

If there’s nothing wrong with your drain pan, your drain line could be clogged. The drain line attaches to your water collection pan. It carries the condensation gathered into the pan outside. Sometimes, dirt and debris can build up in the drain line, restricting water flow. When this happens, it causes your pan to flood. 

A third culprit for air conditioner leaks is a frozen condenser coil. A condenser coil helps cool down hot air with the help of refrigerant. If there isn’t enough hot air to cool or your system is low on refrigerant, the coil will freeze. When your system turns off, the coil thaws and starts to leak an excess amount of water, overwhelming the drain line and pan. 

HVAC System Is Noisy 

Random noises are always unsettling, especially when the cause is unknown. There are some strange noises your HVAC system might make that can expose a problem. Sometimes, you might hear rattling or banging when you run your HVAC system. This means something in your system is loose, and you should turn everything off and call a professional. Whining, shrieking noises might mean there is a motor loose in your furnace. And finally, popping sounds in your air ducts is likely due to poor insulation and low-quality materials in your HVAC system.

Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On 

This is one of the especially frustrating HVAC problems for homeowners during the summer. A blown fuse, thermostat malfunction, refrigerant leak, clogged air filter, or circuit breaker trip could be the cause of your air conditioner not turning on. Your system could also be unplugged. 

A technician fixes one of the common HVAC problems

Thermostat Isn’t Working 

Your thermostat sends instructions to your HVAC system to help it heat or cool your home. If your thermostat malfunctions, it will affect the rest of your HVAC system. For instance, if your thermostat is in direct sunlight, it will read the house temperature incorrectly. That means it might cause your air conditioning to run overtime while incorrectly reducing heat. Another common problem is dirt and grime buildup. Thermostats need to be kept clean if they’re to communicate with the rest of your HVAC system correctly. 

Poor Temperature Distribution 

Your HVAC system prioritizes which rooms to cool or heat based on size, location, and sometimes outside temperature. Because your HVAC system isn’t sending an equal amount of hot or cool air into all of the rooms in your home, it can cause an uneven temperature distribution. You can fix this problem by installing more insulation in your home and making sure your windows are properly sealed. 

We Can Help You With Your HVAC System! 

Many common HVAC problems can be prevented by getting regular maintenance by a professional. The reliable experts at Fresh Air Duct Cleaning are able to inspect your HVAC system regularly and make sure minor issues don’t turn into bigger problems. You can rely on us for efficient, friendly service 24/7. Reach out today and learn about all of the ways we can help you!