Chimney Installation

Chimney InstallationFresh Air Duct Cleaning offers chimney installation services to those who need replacements and want to start experiencing a fireplace in their home. Regardless of the reason you call us, our certified chimney installation professionals can install a new chimney in your home. We can also provide chimney sweep and chimney repair services long after it’s installed.

When it comes to a severely damaged chimney, a brand new installation may be needed. Call Fresh Air Duct Cleaning for a comprehensive chimney inspection. Our professionals can give you a full report on the health of your chimney. Regular chimney sweeps and inspections help your chimney last longer and keep you safe from hazards. Plus, you can look to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) for additional homeowner resources about your chimney.

A leaning chimney usually warrants a new chimney installation. Leaning chimneys are the result of poor structural integrity. Eventually, the base of the chimney will fail, and the rest will come toppling down. Depending on the damage, a new fireplace installation may be strongly advised. The moment you see your chimney leaning is the exact moment you need to call our chimney installation professionals. Waiting too long puts your, your loved, your property, and neighbors in harm’s way.

You can take preventative measures as well by installing a rain cap on your chimney. Rain caps can help maintain your chimney for longer periods of time. By keeping your chimney clear of obstructions, you can prevent dirt or gas from building up.

Our chimney Installation Process

The chimney installation process varies from home to home. However, some things are always the same; it requires the right tools and certified professionals. Fresh Air Duct Cleaning can install a new chimney for your home with the proper building codes and local regulations in mind.

Maintaining a Chimney

You can avoid the costly chimney installation process by practicing chimney maintenance. The most important step you can take in caring for your chimney is regular cleanings. A chimney should be swept or cleaned every year. In addition to annual chimney sweeps, you should have inspections performed alongside. Fresh Air Duct Cleaning offers chimney inspections and chimney sweeping services for those who regularly use their fireplaces. Contacting our chimney installation professionals today to schedule your cleaning or inspection helps you and your family live safely.

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