Air Duct Cleaning Hurst Texas

Fresh Air Duct Cleaning is here to give the people of Hurst, Texas, the best services possible, whether it’s a standard chimney sweep, fireplace installation, or air duct repairs. Sometimes, even with consistent cleaning and maintenance, air ducts need more than a routine service:  They need repairing. How do you know if your air ducts need to be repaired instead of cleaned? The best way to know if your air ducts need repairing is to ask yourself: 

  1. How old are my air ducts?
  2. Is my home or place of work experiencing frequent leaks? 
  3. When the property was built, did contractors perform a Manual D calculation for the layout and size of the ductwork? 
  4. Is my home properly insulated? 

Factors such as improper size, old age, and improper insulation (or lack thereof) are common reasons for air duct repairs. Additionally, leaks in your home are a major telltale sign that your air ducts are not in proper working condition. Our very own expert technicians at Fresh Air Duct Cleaning will repair your air ducts the right way without delay. 

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The Early History of Hurst, Texas 

The area that would become Hurst, Texas, was home to the Chickasaw, Cherokee, Caddo, and many other people before settlers arrived in 1841 for farmland. However, it was not until after the Civil War that more and more families, mostly from Tennessee and Indiana, came to settle permanently in the area. Among these settlers were William L. Hurst and Daniel Arwine, who arrived with their families. Daniel Arwine and his family helped to establish a church and a school and created a large farming community with fellow settlers from Indiana. In 1903 William L. Hurst donated land for the Rock Island line to construct tracks running through the community that was, at the time, known as Ormel. He specifically made a deal with the Rock Island Railway to build a stop in Ormel on the route to Dallas and Fort Worth. Because of Hurst’s contribution, Ormel was renamed Hurst in 1909. 

In the first half of the twentieth century, the main industries of Hurst, along with farming and ranching, were sand and gravel extractions from the river, which provided more support to the local economy. During Prohibition, Hurst was one of the hot spots where people could illegally purchase whiskey. When the Bell Helicopter Plant opened in Hurst in 1951, more people were being drawn to Hurst, which was starting to grow as a residential area from which people could easily commute to Fort Worth. Hurst was finally incorporated in 1952 with a population of 2,700 people. 

Notable Places In Hurst 

Today Hurst is most often associated with being the location of the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. Still, it is home to quite a few notable places worth visiting. The first of these locations is the North East Mall, which is the primary shopping center of Hurst. The North East Mall is home to countless clothing stores, restaurants, and other centers of recreational activity. The Artisan Center Theater brings a full season of musicals and plays every year to audiences of all ages. Those who enjoy the arts don’t need to travel far to watch a good live performance. 

Finally, while Hurst has many local parks for residents and visitors to enjoy, Chisholm Park is particularly noteworthy for its fishing grounds. Through the Neighborhood Fishing program, countless species of fish are brought to the lake in Chisholm Park so families can take a break from city life for some fun in the great outdoors. 

Air Duct Repairs in Hurst, Texas

Life in Hurst, Texas, is not as easy to enjoy when you’re surrounded by leaks from broken air ducts. When you reach out to Fresh Air Duct Cleaning, you are receiving state-of-the-art repairs from technicians that will make sure your duct system is not just working properly again but in the best shape possible. Taking care of your air ducts sooner rather than later will save you from dealing with more expensive repairs in the future and reduce the cost of your next energy bill. Contact us to get started today.