Dryer Vent Cleaning Mansfield Texas

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports dyers and washing machines to cause an average of 15,970 fires each year. Dryers cause 92% of those fires, which makes dryer vent cleaning Mansfield essential. You may be wondering what causes these dryer fires. Well, the number one cause is a lack of a clean dryer vent.

Lint traps require regular cleanings between cycles, while dryer vents need annual cleaning. Fresh Air Duct Cleaning and other organizations recommend you have your dryer vent cleaned yearly. This helps prevent any blockages in your ducts and keeps your dryer running efficiently, but more importantly, safely.

You might be hesitant choosing to purchase dryer vent cleaning Mansfield services, but we assure you a DIY cleaning cannot complete the job thoroughly.

 History of Mansfield, TX

During the 1840s, a wave of European settlers arrived in the area known as the Cross Timber country of Texas. The settlers entered an area where Native Americans had lived for thousands of years. The United States Army established Fort Worth to protect the farms and settlers in the area in 1849. A large family had settled the area south of the fort in the 1850s.

Then, in 1856, Ralph Sandiford Mann and Julian Feild moved to the area. The two built a gist mill at the crossroads of the area, which would later become the center of Mansfield. Their gist mill was three stories tall and produced flour and meal. The mill was the first steam-powered mill in North Texas. Feild also opened up a general store and house for his family. The area became known as Mansfield, a combination of the two men’s names. Eventually, Mansfield was incorporated in 1909 and continued to be the central hub for farmland all around.

dryer vent cleaning Mansfield, TX

Dryer Vent Cleaning Mansfield, TX

DIY dryer vent cleaning Mansfield is not recommended for a few different reasons. Firstly, many dryer vent cleaning kits at your local hardware are unable to complete the job entirely. You may be left with lint or blockages left in your dryer vent. Additionally, some of these kits are not long enough to get through your entire dryer vent.

Secondly, you may not know what to look for when it comes to problems with your dryer vent. A professional cleaning can identify problems with your dryer vent during the cleaning process. We may locate rips, tears, or poor connections during the cleaning. When we find these problems, our team can help resolve them almost immediately with our dryer vent cleaning service.

For these reasons, dryer vent cleaning Mansfield, TX, is essential in keeping your home safe. Don’t let your dryer vent go without a cleaning every year. Our team can help professionally clean your dryer vent with state-of-the-art technology. The resources we have to complete the job significantly overshadow anything you can purchase at your local hardware store.

Give Fresh Air Duct Cleaning a call today at (214) 272-9715 or visit our dryer vent cleaning page for more details. Let us help you keep your dryer running safely and efficiently.