AC Cleaning Rowlett Texas

For the best AC cleaning services, Fresh Air Duct Cleaning near Rowlett, Texas, is the most reliable service in the industry. If you are coming home after a summer day at the lakeside, you might be in the mood to sit in the nice and cooling AC. However, you will only be able to make the most of that quality AC when you keep the unit clean. An AC unit with dirty coils can prevent cool air from being produced and lead to overheating. A contaminated AC filter that never gets cleaned can also lead to or exacerbate existing respiratory problems. Our experts at Fresh Air Duct Cleaning will make sure you and your family can live a cool and clean life. 

AC Cleaning in Rowlett

The History of Rowlett, Texas

In 1835, Dr. Daniel Rowlett, joined by his family and several other immigrant families, came to Texas from Kentucky and Tennessee to settle in the area that would become Rowlett, Texas. A creek in this area would be named as Rowlett’s Creek due to him being a leading community member. In its first few decades, the area would be home to many French and German settlers following the Texas Revolution and its incorporation into the United States. The area would receive the name in 1880 after Rowlett Creek upon the name of the first post office being changed from Morris to Rowlett.

When a railway station was built in 1889, the small farming community quickly grew in population and commercial opportunities, including the opening of a general store and the operation of a cotton gin. 

The Twentieth Century 

However, Rowlett would not receive electrical services until 1924. Additionally, it was not incorporated as a city until 1952, over a century after it was first settled, at which time it was home to ten businesses and a population of 250. Eighty-four of its citizens voted in favor of incorporation.

A decade after its incorporation, Rowlett became more connected to Dallas upon the construction of Interstate Highway 30, allowing people to make homes in Rowlett and make an easy commute to work in Dallas. Rowlett transformed into a lakefront community when the Lake Ray Hubbard Reservoir was completed in 1971. The thirty miles of the lake’s shoreline became a center for countless recreational activities. 

Life Today

With a population of more than 64,000 people, Rowlett continues to be a hub for lakeside living and community and is home to many local businesses. Home to attractions such as the Wet Zone Waterpark and its countless marinas along Lake Ray Hubbard. These sites make it especially ideal for a summer escape, whether you are a resident or a visitor. 

Along with its many water-based attractions and activities, Rowlett also hosts large-scale special events in partnership with local businesses and not-for-profit organizations. Some of the most notable annual events include but are not limited to the seasonal Farmers and Craft Market and Summer Concert Series. Such events as these illustrate the closeness of Rowlett’s community, which has come so far since its humble beginnings. 

AC Cleaning 

A clean AC will make your great life in Rowlett, Texas even better. In addition to the Department of Energy’s countless recommendations for effective air conditioning maintenance, Fresh Air Duct Cleaning will be there if you need heavy-duty, thorough AC cleaning. Do you feel like your AC is in good condition but still want a better idea of how periodically it should be professionally cleaned? Our AC experts will provide you with a timeline of how frequently you should perform your own maintenance and how often you should call a professional. Contact us today for the best AC cleaning service in the Greater Dallas area.