Air Duct Cleaning Houston Texas

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Houston Air duct cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning Houston Texas

If you live in Houston, Texas then you understand the struggles of dealing with the combined heat and humidity in the summer air every year. In order to successfully beat the relentless heat and humidity of Houston, you need top-quality air duct cleaning services. That way your home or business can stay cool in the summer and so you and your fellow Houstonians can actually enjoy everything Houston has to offer.

A Brief History of Houston

After winning independence from Mexico in 1836 in the Battle of San Jacinto, John Kirby Allen and Augustus Chapman Allen bought over 6,600 acres of land along Buffalo Bayou. On this land, they founded the city of Houston, named after war hero Sam Houston. Upon being elected President of the Republic of Texas, Sam Houston had his namesake city designated as the capital until 1839.

Ten years after the Battle of San Jacinto, Texas joined the United States as the twenty-eighth state. Although no longer a capital, Houston continued to quickly grow. Today, it is the fourth most populous city in the country. Houston is home to a diversity of languages, and cultures, a state-of-the-art medical center, and many arts and sports happenings you don’t want to miss.


The Arts In Houston

Whether you’re a connoisseur of the fine arts or a theatre fanatic, Houston has something for every lover of the fine and performing arts. The Museum of Fine Arts hosts many collections from classical and modern artists and even hosts screenings of classical and international films every weekend. The Menil Collection and the Art Car Museum are just two of the many other fine arts attractions that will capture the imagination of every visitor.

Houston’s theatre district is sprawling with symphonies, ballets, operas, plays, and musicals. Jones Hall, The Houston Grand Opera, The Hobby Center, and Alley Theater are just a few of the many notable performance venues to check out a stellar show. If you want something more casual, the Miller Outdoor Theater is a great place to bring the family to enjoy a great show and take in the great outdoors.

Sports In Houston

We can’t talk about what Houston has to offer without including our sprawling sports scene. Baseball, basketball, and football are huge parts of life in Houston. Our two-time World Series champions, the Astros, play their home games in Minute Maid Park, while the Rockets shoot hoops at the Toyota Center. If football is more to your liking, then catch a Houston Texans game at the NRG Stadium whenever they play. Houston is the best place to be an athlete or an artist.

Air Duct Cleaning in Houston

Every Houstonian should be able to come home to high-quality air conditioning to cool off after rooting their hearts out for the Astros at Minute Maid Park or enjoying a performance at the Miller Outdoor Theater. For this reason, you can depend on our family-owned and operated services from Fresh Air Duct Cleaning.

As long as you keep your air ducts clean, your home will be able to keep you from melting in the heat. “But how do I know my air ducts need cleaning?” is a question you might be asking. For your peace of mind, here are some signs that your air ducts need urgent cleaning:

  • Odd or foul odors are taking over your home.
  • Your energy bill is higher than usual.
  • Your home is becoming full of dust.
  • Insect or rodent infestations are more frequent.
  • You or your loved ones have been feeling ill more often.

These are just five major indicators of air ducts that need to be cleaned as soon as possible. As soon as you notice any of the above happenings, reach out to our services as soon as possible. At Fresh Air Duct Cleaning we will provide the most thorough service to your air ducts, so you can get back to keeping cool. You can find us at 2000 Crawford St. Suite 1631 Houston, TX 77002, or call us at 346-447-9640.


Air Duct Cleaning

By cleaning your air ducts every two to three years, you can finally get rid of the dust, pollen, and any other pollutants occupying your space. If you have other factors to consider, like dealing with pet dander or suffering from respiratory conditions, you should have your air ducts cleaned more frequently.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

With a yearly dryer vent cleaning, you could avoid a major fire in your home. You will be able to enjoy the many benefits of a dryer operating at peak efficiency, including shorter drying times and safer dryer operation.

Chimney Sweeping

You can prepare your chimney for the coming year by having it swept and inspected. This will keep your chimney safe to use and free of critters, all while protecting your home. You will undoubtedly benefit from our chimney inspections and cleanings.

Attic Insulation

With proper attic insulation, you can protect your home from outside temperatures, ensuring it remains cozy. Our expert team can make this possible by installing anything from spray foam insulation to fiberglass blown-in insulation for your attic and home.