HVAC Service Royse City Texas

A well-functioning HVAC system is what every citizen of Royse City needs for their home or business. We at Fresh Air Duct Cleaning understand that a well-functioning HVAC system allows you to live and work in maximum comfort all year round. But what if your HVAC system is broken? How can you tell that your HVAC system is broken? To determine whether or not your HVAC system is functioning properly think about the following eight questions: 

  1. Are there wet-looking stains showing up on my walls?
  2. Have moldy smells been coming from my AC?
  3. Do I hear sudden rattling noises whenever I turn on the heat or AC?
  4. Is my thermostat failing to work as usual? 
  5. Is my AC or heat having difficulty turning on or not turning on at all?
  6. Are some rooms in my house or place of work getting more hot or cold air than others? 
  7. Are my vents full of dust? 
  8. Did my most recent energy bill come back higher than usual? 

Answering yes to any one of these questions means your HVAC system needs cleaning or repairing. As tempting as it might be to attempt correcting these issues yourself, you will find more success at a reasonable price with our professionals at Fresh Air Duct Cleaning.  Our certified, expert technicians are available to address these problems twenty-four-seven so you won’t need to worry about waiting.

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The History of Royse City 

The area that would be Royse City was established in 1886, a year after settlers began arriving from the community of Fate. It was named after G. B. Royse, who helped get the MK&T Railway to build tracks running through the area. The construction of the railroad tracks through the Royse City area would allow it to grow as a city. Soon after, a general store and many businesses opened, including two cotton gins. 

Royse City was incorporated in 1891 with a population of 1,000, which was unusually high for a growing, new small city. During its first several decades, the main source of production for Royse City was cotton. When the Great Depression struck, the production source switched from cotton to synthetic fibers, allowing the city to keep up during this period of global economic hardship along with local businesses. 

Royse City Today

Today Royse City’s population is 12,000 and growing.  The main industries in Royse City are manufacturing, construction, and retail. It continues to be a center for local businesses, boasting a consistently low unemployment rate. Aside from its economic achievements, Royse City is also home to a Historic Main Street and the Zaner Robinson Historical Museum. 

Royse City’s Historic Main Street consists of properties that, while used for different purposes today, have had their architectural structures and designs preserved. Only one property on 126 E. Main retains its original function as a barbershop. The Zaner Robinson Historical Museum presents artifacts from the area dating from early settlers to the 1960s. Today Royse City’s Main Street is the site of annual community events that include a Christmas Parade. 

HVAC Cleaning, Repair, and Maintenance in Royse City

If you live and work in Royse City, Texas, you need a high-quality HVAC system to thrive. Making sure your HVAC system is thriving is a team effort, so here is a checklist of maintenance and cleaning tips to keep your HVAC system in shape on your end: 

  1. Check and clean your air filters. 
  2. Keep your drain lines nice and clean.
  3. Check and clean AC and heating pumps and condenser. 
  4. Change the batteries of your thermostat as needed. 
  5. Keep an eye on your outside unit. 

As long as you periodically take care of the above tasks, you should be able to avoid any serious problems with your HVAC system. With that said, you still need to call a professional for a regular inspection to make sure everything is in working order. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can see things we might miss, and Fresh Air Duct Cleaning has a team of experienced technicians who will easily spot a problem and take care of it right away. If your HVAC system needs repairs or you want a reliable expert for your annual inspection, contact us at Fresh Air Duct Cleaning today for the best services in Royse City.