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Performing a chimney repair is essential for maintaining the health and safety of everyone within the house. Degrading mortar, bricks, chimney cap, flue, and flashing can create serious issues with the operation of your chimney. Postponing chimney repairs lead to more significant expenses and risk the safety of you and your loved ones. Damage to your chimney increases the risk of a chimney fire and a buildup of toxic chemicals in your home.

In Dallas, the professional contractors at Fresh Air Duct Cleanings is preventing the buildup of carbon monoxide in your home. This is just one reason why you need to consider professional chimney services in Dallas. You may try to complete chimney repair services in Dallas by yourself, but there is a point where the project requires a certified professional. That is when you can call Fresh Air Duct Cleanings for a free estimate.


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Signs You Need a Chimney Repair


You may not know if your chimney needs repair. When having your chimney swept by our professional chimney contractors, we’ll perform a comprehensive inspection. We examine all aspects of your chimney to ensure its integrity and safe operation. However, if you haven’t used your chimney in some time, you may not have any idea about the state of your chimney. The following signs will help you determine if you need chimney services in Dallas.

Rusted Damper or Firebox Damage

A chimney damper does three different jobs: keeps cold air away when there is no fire, sends smoke up the chimney, and helps control the intensity of the fire. A rusted damper shows signs of age and should be replaced. Without an operable damper, you are risking the safety of you and your home. The firebox or fireplace should also be examined closely. Damaged brick and mortar in this area is a severe problem. Smoke can reach into these areas causing gasses to enter other parts of your home.

Brick and Mortar Damage

Chimneys are composed of brick and mortar, which degrade as they are exposed to the elements. Signs you can watch for are cracks, chips, and loose bricks. Exposed portions of the chimney are some of the most critical problems. Water can enter your home through this exposed area. It will further damage the chimney and could lead to mold and mildew growth.

Missing or Damaged Chimney Crown

The chimney crown is located at the top of the chimney. It acts as a shield keeping water and debris out of your chimney. A missing or damaged chimney crown leads to water, debris, and potentially rodents entering your chimney. Look for rust or cracks on the crown for a sign of damage. If you are missing the crown entirely, then go for chimney repair services in Dallas immediately. The longer your chimney is exposed to the elements, the greater risk it’s at of developing more problems. As a result, you’ll spend more money on unnecessary chimney repairs.

Chimney Liner

The chimney liner’s job is to propel hazardous gasses upward and out of the chimney. It also protects the chimney wall from the gasses, so they do not spill out into the rest of the house. There are three types of chimney liners: clay tiles, metal, and cast-in-place. The liner is the most expensive part of your chimney because it is the most important. Chimney liners assist in preventing fires, carbon monoxide buildup, and condensation. It is best to have a professional chimney repair contractors such as Fresh Air Duct Cleanings inspect your chimney for liner damage. We’ll then perform the necessary chimney repair services in Dallas.

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Contact Fresh Air Duct Cleanings today for your essential chimney services in Dallas. It is best to have your chimney repaired during the summer or spring. That way, you can use your chimney once the short winter gets here. Dallas, Texas, rarely gets too cold, but it is nice to have a safe and operable chimney.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of chimney repairs can you perform?

Fresh Air Duct Cleaning is able to perform any chimney repairs your Dallas home may require. The most common chimney repairs we perform include:

  • Brick or mortar damage
  • Water leaks or damage
  • Flue liner damage
  • Creosote buildup
  • Damaged rain cap
  • Damper problems
  • And more!


How much will chimney repairs cost?

The type of repairs greatly determines the cost of your chimney repairs. Once we know more about your needs, our team can provide you with an accurate quote or estimate for the chimney repairs. 

Is chimney repair covered by home warranty?

No. Most home warranties do not cover chimney repairs or replacements. This means any repair or replacement costs will come out of your pocket. However, we also recommend you consult the proper documentation and professionals for your unique situation.

Is chimney repair covered under homeowners insurance?

Your homeowners insurance would cover chimney repairs if the damage was caused by an accident or unexpected event. Examples include falling trees or limbs and severe weather.

Homeowners insurance does not cover chimney repairs when it is gradual damage, such as wear and tear, age, corrosion, etc. 

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