Air Duct Cleaning DeSoto Texas

When living in DeSoto, Texas, it’s essential to stay up-to-date about keeping an HVAC system as clean as possible. Luckily, we at Fresh Air Duct Cleaning Services are here to help the people of DeSoto with all their HVAC needs. As a family-owned and operated business, our priority is to make sure residents of DeSoto are safe and healthy in their own homes. 

Our expert technicians in DeSoto go above and beyond air ducts. We also perform dryer vent and chimney maintenance, attic insulation, fireplace installation, and even commercial HVAC services. More information about these services and more can be found right here on our website. 

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The History of DeSoto 

The first settlers of the area that would become DeSoto arrived in 1847. Among the notable settlers were Curtis Parks, whose family arrived from Indiana, and T. J. Johnson of Tennesse, who would establish one of the first general mercantile stores in this humble community in around 1848. It was not until World War II that DeSoto expanded beyond its roots as an agricultural hub. 

During World War II, DeSoto became more populous and needed the resources to accommodate its growth. The growing community needed access to a better water distribution system. DeSoto gained access to those resources after an overwhelming vote to be incorporated as a city took place in 1949. Shortly after its incorporation, DeSoto elected its first city council, with Wayne A. Chowning as the first mayor. Shortly afterward, DeSoto began to attract small business owners. The transformation of DeSoto from a farming community to a business center brought greater developments in municipal infrastructure and civic life. 

DeSoto Today

In 2006 DeSoto, Texas was honored as an All American City, a recognition given annually to only ten cities nationwide for successful community-wide grassroots problem-solving initiatives. DeSoto continues to be a city based on community organizing, from its Capital Improvement Projects to its home repair and transportation assistance programs. The city of DeSoto also runs a Civic Academy to keep the people of the city educated about what is happening in their local government. 

DeSoto is also notable for its arts and theater scene. The city is considered a center for art in North Texas due to its notable Arts Commission and Artists Lab. The Corner Theater is used by the community as a hub for arts and culture, hosting both theatrical productions and other community events. 

Notable Places in DeSoto 

DeSoto, Texas, is home to Nance Farm, which was designated as a Texas Historical Landmark in 1976. Nance Farm was the property of the Nance family, who settled on the 640 acres of land in 1851. The family-owned the property until the 1950s when it became a series of residential lots. It was used as a community center for some time then returned to private ownership, but was finally designated a historical site of just two acres. This historic site is open to the public for educational purposes today. 

For those who want to spend time in nature, DeSoto is home to many nature trails. The most notable one is the Roy Orr Trail which extends just short of four miles along a scenic path with a creek and waterfall. This trail is ideal for a peaceful daytime walk. 

Air Vent Cleaning in DeSoto 

If you live in the beautiful city of DeSoto, Texas, you deserve the best air duct cleaning services for your home or place of business. Clean air ducts mean you and your loved ones will be less likely to get sick and continue to be surrounded by the cleanest air possible. To ensure you get the clean air you deserve, call us or message us here on our website. Whether it’s an HVAC issue or a desire to insulate your attic, we are here for the citizens of DeSoto, Texas.