Air Duct Cleaning Garland Texas

Does your chimney need sweeping? Do you feel like your air ducts could use a thorough cleaning? Do you suspect something is awry with your HVAC system? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are in luck! Fresh Air Duct Cleaning offers first-class maintenance and repair services in Garland, Texas. Keeping the air quality in your home or business place clean should be central to making the most of your life in a place with such a rich history and thriving present. 

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The Origins of Garland

The land that would eventually become Garland, Texas was initially a neutral area between two rival settlements known as Duck Creek and Embree. The rivalry only escalated when Duck Creek lost its post office in a fire in 1887, causing the post office to relocate to Embree. When the people of Duck Creek accused Embree of taking advantage of the situation to absorb Duck Creek, the issue went to Congress. That same year Congressman Joe Abbott settled the decades-long dispute between the communities by creating the unified city of Garland, named for President Ulysses Grant’s Attorney General Augustus H. Garland. The city, however, would not be officially incorporated until 1891, the same year it elected its first mayor and city council. 

Garland in the Twentieth Century

In 1923, Garland began to supply its own electricity to its more than 1,400 citizens through the establishment of the Garland Power and Light Company. During the Second World War, Garland became central for wartime manufacturing, providing an economic boost to the still-small city.

While the first half of the twentieth century made Garland a manufacturing hub, the second half helped turn Garland into a center of culture with the founding of the Garland Civic Theater in 1968. The Garland Landmark Society was founded in 1972. Today, the Society still preserves and researches local historical sites and continues to educate the citizens of Garland about its local history today. Two years later, the Garland Landmark Museum opened. 

Notable Historic Attractions

Thanks to the Garland Landmark Society, there are quite a few notable historical attractions that visitors and locals can visit. Two of the most notable historic sites in Garland are the Historic Downtown and Garland’s Central Park. Garland’s Historic Downtown is a host to many local commercial enterprises while maintaining the architectural character of Garland from the 1880s to the modern day. 

Garland’s Central Park became the city’s first municipal park in 1948 and is credited as the birthplace of Garland’s parks and recreation endeavors. Today it continues to be the site of the city’s annual Easter egg hunts and annual Labor Day Jubilee. Central Park was most recently recognized by the Texas Recreation and Parks Society as a Lone Star Legacy Park in 2013. 

Air Duct Cleaning In Garland

Today Garland is notable as a well-recognized residential city, being ranked within the top twenty-five best places to live in Texas in 2020 by Better Homes and Gardens and recommended as one of the one hundred best places to buy a home in America. Anyone living in one of the best cities for homeowners in the country deserves only the best home maintenance services. In addition to various standard HVAC system installations, we also offer attic insulation services. 

If your home comes with an attic, installing attic insulation will make your home cleaner, more protected from potential roof damage, and provide a reduced energy bill. Attic insulation will help you and your family stay cool in the summer and keep the cold winter air from taking over your home. Whether you’re thinking about attic insulation or getting a routine chimney sweeping, contact us today for a free quote.