As the capital of Texas, Austin continues to be a city full of new and exciting opportunities for families, students, and businesses alike. Whether you’re busy studying or getting food at a cool new restaurant, a functioning HVAC system is absolutely essential. When you live in Austin you need to be on top of ensuring you have good air quality and that your workplace or home is well-ventilated. If you want to determine whether you not you need services for your HVAC system, ask yourself the following questions:

Is there dust and debris coming out of your air vents?
Has there been a strange, unpleasant smell in your home that won’t seem to go away?
Have you or your loved ones been feeling sick lately for seemingly no reason?
Are you coughing or sneezing more often than usual indoors?
Have your energy bills dramatically increased?

These are just a few questions worth considering when thinking about the state of your HVAC system. If you find yourself saying “yes” to any of them, you might have a problem that needs addressing. Luckily, our Fresh Air Duct Cleaning Services team can be here for your HVAC needs even in Austin.

Austin: An Very Brief History

Initially settled by indigenous populations, the land that would eventually become Austin would become occupied by the Spanish in the 18th century before it was under Mexican control following its independence from Spain. The arrival of Anglo U.S. settlers in the 19th century would eventually trigger the Texas War of Independence, which would result in a victory for Texas. Named for Stephen F. Austin, one of the Founding Fathers of Texas, the city was officially established as the permanent capital of the Republic of Texas in 1839. It would continue to serve as the capital when Texas became part of the United States in 1846. 


Following the U.S. Civil War, Austin started to really grow as a city. This growth was due to the construction of the Texas Central Railway connecting Houston and Austin. This allowed Austin to become a center of trade and commerce. The city’s population greatly increased well into the 20th century due in part to the arrival of many immigrant populations. 

Austin Today 

Today, Austin is a thriving hub of arts, culture, and technology. ACL (Austin City Limits) attracts countless visitors every year interested in checking out up and coming performers in the music scene. For film lovers, SXSW is a great way to get a look at upcoming movie releases before they reach theaters. Even when those festivals aren’t happening, Austin has a lot of culinary options worth exploring and other outdoor activities like visits to the Capitol and Lake Travis. 


HVAC Services In Austin 

There are lots of events and activities to enjoy in a city as unique as Austin. However, it’s difficult to enjoy things when you feel overheated or are overwhelmed by poor indoor air quality. To enjoy everything Austin has to offer, you want to ensure that your home and/or place of work has a high-functioning HVAC system. From air ducts, to AC vents, we provide all kinds of services. 


Our technicians have the skills and experience to keep your AC and heating in shape. We also offer chimney and attic insulation services in addition to traditional HVAC repair, maintenance, and replacement. With a chimney, you can stay warm in winter and keep your indoor temperature well-regulated with help from attic insulation. Whether you’re moving into a new place or your place of work or living needs serious upkeep, our team will be there as soon as possible. Contact us today for our excellent HVAC services in Austin, Texas.