Chimney Sweep Rockwall Texas

Fresh Air Duct Cleaning near Rockwall, Texas is here to keep you healthy and safe with our state-of-the-art chimney sweeping services. If you make use of your fireplace at any time during the year, you will need your chimney swept. Neglecting a chimney sweeping can lead to animals and other pests nesting inside it and getting into your home and lead to health issues from dust and creosote. These health issues can range from increased skin sensitivity to heightened risks for cancer. Additionally, keeping a clean chimney lowers the risk of potential fires. Because you deserve to live your life in thoroughly clean air with little to no worries about your health, our certified chimney sweeps are available to provide the most thorough and efficient services in the Dallas Metroplex. 

rockwall home with chimney

A Very Brief History Of Rockwall

The area that would become Rockwall, Texas was first settled by the Boydstun family of Illinois in the 1840s. Years later, in 1851, T. U. Wade, while digging a well,  unearthed layers of stone and mineral that resembled a rock wall formation, which would lead to the area being named Rockwall in 1854. However, the city of Rockwall would not be officially incorporated until 1874. 

A century later, in the 1950s, Rockwall experienced a population boom due to the first aluminum plant in the Southwest U.S. being opened in Rockwall, leading to many job opportunities. Becoming the Southwest capital for aluminum production only began Rockwall’s journey to economic prosperity. Shortly after the aluminum plant opened, the construction of Interstate Highway 30 allowed people to commute more easily between Rockwall and Dallas. Additionally, the construction of Lake Ray Hubbard and business opportunities in Dallas from the 1960s onward brought more people and commercial opportunities (many based in recreation and tourism) to Rockwall, Texas. 

Rockwall Today 

Today, Rockwall, Texas, is home to a population of more than 47,000 residents and more than 1,200 businesses. Rockwall is one of the most progressive cities in the Dallas Metroplex, as well as one of the fattest growing cities. 

Notable Places and Things To Do in Rockwall

Two notable places residents and visitors frequent are Rockwall’s Historic Downtown and The Harbor. Visitors can participate in a walking tour of Historic Downtown that includes the Historic Courthouse and takes you through the city’s past. Downtown Rockwall itself plays host to the annual San Jacinto Plaza Music Series, where during the summer and fall live music is performed on Friday and Saturday nights in the titular San Jacinto Plaza. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy sitting outside with an atmospheric dinner and lovely music. The Harbor is a hub of commercial and recreational activities right by Lake Ray Hubbard. Visitors can shop at the many stores and enjoy the variety of restaurants.

Chimney Sweeping Services In Rockwall

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, you will get the best chimney sweeping services possible with Fresh Air Duct Cleaning Rockwall, Texas. The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends hiring a certified chimney sweep to perform maintenance and cleaning, as well as an inspection, at least once a year. While basic fireplace upkeep and cleaning will help the state of your wood-burning chimney, our certified chimney sweeps will bring the best experience and knowledge to make sure your air quality remains absolutely clean. For the best chimney sweeping not just in Rockwall but in the whole Greater Dallas area, reach out to Fresh Air Duct Cleaning Rockwall, Texas. Contact us today for the best sweeping for your chimney.