Owning a chimney requires maintenance and care. Otherwise, you are putting your home at risk of structural problems and fire hazards. Chimney maintenance is relatively easy and can be done annually. Gas fireplaces don’t need as much maintenance as wood-burning fireplaces, but they require cleaning regularly.

For those with wood-burning fireplaces and chimneys, you’ll need to be more mindful. Fireplaces are gorgeous and offer a lot of comfort in the home. However, failing to maintain your wood-burning fireplace will lead to a buildup of soot, ash, and creosote. These materials don’t just reduce the beauty of your fireplace but also its safety.

Here are a handful of care tips for your wood-burning fireplace and chimney maintenance as a whole:

Fireplace Cleaning

One of the best chimney maintenance tasks you can have done is chimney cleaning. Like the one we offer at Fresh Air Duct Cleaning, most of these services include fireplace cleaning. However, the fireplace will see a lot more wear and tear than the rest of your chimney. Since the fire is so close to this area, soot, ash, and creosote buildup are more common.

These black marks can drastically reduce the beauty of your brick or natural stone. Not only that, but it becomes a fire hazard. Be sure to remove any extra ash from the firebox once it has cooled. Then, use a stiff brush and a mix of warm water, bleach, and a cleaning solution. With gloves, brush off the leftover soot and creosote left behind.

Fireplace cleaning

Secure the Chimney Cap

The chimney cap is the very top of your chimney and has a couple of jobs. Firstly, the chimney cap helps prevent animals from entering your home. It typically has a solid metal top with wire mesh around it. This prevents squirrels, birds, bats, and raccoons from entering your chimney. Secondly, the chimney cap keeps rain from entering your chimney. Rain or moisture is detrimental to the interior of your chimney.

Chimney Cap is essential for Chimney Maintenance

Brick and mortar do not respond well to moisture. For this reason, your chimney cap must be intact and on securely. Failure to have a chimney cap will lead to moisture entering your chimney and fireplace. This will damage the brick and mortar, resulting in costly repairs and potential structural damage to the rest of the house.

Burn the Right Wood

Not all wood can go into your fireplace. Many kinds of wood are not suitable for burning, such as manufactured wood. These types of woods are treated with chemicals that let off harmful gasses. Softwoods are also not best for your wood-burning fireplace. They give off more creosote which could require more cleaning on your part.

To keep down on chimney maintenance, select hardwoods. Hardwoods are more difficult to burn, but they will last longer. The best hardwoods include oak, maple, and birch. Make sure your wood is dry and seasoned for at least six months. This will give you the best results and help you maintain your fireplace and chimney overall.

Oak Firewood

Receive a Professional Cleaning

Chimney maintenance can never be overstated. It helps keep your home safe and healthy. Fresh Air Duct Cleaning is here to help you maintain your chimney and wood-burning fireplace through comprehensive services. Give our team a call today at (214) 239-1832, or visit our contact page to fill out the form.

We also recommend you visit our chimney services page to see what our technicians can do for your chimney. We offer a wide range of chimney services to help you reduce safety hazards and maintain its complete operation. Let our team handle all of your chimney maintenance needs!