How much is a chimney sweep? Fresh Air Duct Cleaning often receives this question because homeowners are always looking to find the perfect chimney sweeping services at the best price. Chimney sweeping is an essential step in caring for your chimney, but the price of services still matters.

Here at Fresh Air Duct Cleaning, we strive to price our services affordably, so all homeowners can keep their houses safe and healthy. We believe you will be satisfied with the price of our Dallas chimney sweep services. Alongside our decently priced chimney sweep services, we are constantly offering promotions on services. The sooner you act, the better chance you have of receiving a great deal.

How much is a chimney sweep?

Fresh Air Duct Cleaning charges $119 on our Dallas chimney sweep services. Other Dallas chimney sweep companies may charge a different price. Some chimney sweep companies base their prices on the chimney’s size and how bad the chimney needs cleaning. For example, a large chimney that hasn’t been cleaned in three years may cost more than a smaller chimney with annual cleanings.

Angie’s List reports the average cost of a chimney sweeping in the United States is between $150 to $350. The types of services included in that range of prices are unknown, but we can assure you the chimney sweeping services we offer are comprehensive.

how much is a chimney sweep price

What is included in a $119 chimney sweep?

A “comprehensive chimney sweep” may not be as descriptive as you may like, so we want to give you specific details on your chimney sweep. In general, you can expect our chimney sweeping services to cover every part of your chimney. There are many different chimney parts, but we will clean each of them thoroughly. The tools we use to clean your chimney are standard across the industry, and you can expect them to complete the job that meets your expectations.

You can find the full list of chimney parts we clean below:

  • chimney crown
  • chimney flue
  • liner
  • smoke chamber
  • smoke shelf
  • chimney damper
  • firebox
  • fireplace

We also perform an inspection alongside your chimney sweeping. Chimney inspections should be performed more frequently than sweeps because they are meant to ensure your chimney remains safe to use. Cleanings do not need to be so often, especially for those who don’t use their chimney often.

We recommend chimney inspections are performed annually. By having a yearly inspection, you can ensure your chimney meets building codes, and your home’s value is maintained. So, if you need a chimney cleaning, contact our team for a chimney inspection and cleaning all at one price.

how much is a chimney sweep

The Importance of a Chimney Sweep

Chimney inspections are essential to your home’s safety, but chimney sweeps are too. Chimney sweeps should be performed frequently, but it varies on the number of times you use your chimney. In Dallas, TX, you can get away with using your chimney a few times during the winter and cleaning every two years. This doesn’t mean you should neglect your annual inspection.

Creosote, a chemical let off by burning wood, will cake the flue walls, which needs to be removed during cleaning. If the creosote build-up is too great, it can obstruct the flue. Smoke will billow back into the home, and a fire can start in the flue. Fires within the chimney flue are a serious issue and are not uncommon.

With annual inspections, you can determine when is the right time for a proper chimney sweep. Fresh Air Duct Cleaning can assist you in determining when a chimney cleaning is right. Give us a call today at (214) 272-9715. A representative can discuss the details of the inspection and schedule an appointment. Visit our chimney sweep and inspection page to learn more about our Dallas chimney services.